image of smoke detector with smoke billowing around it Your building’s fire alarms and smoke detectors act as the first notification of fire. If you lack a fully-functioning and reliable system of heat detectors, smoke detectors, and fire alarms, you’re putting the lives that rely on that system at risk.

It’s important that you, your company’s personnel, and your assets can reside and work safely without worrying about the risk of fire. Our team of fire protection specialists works hard to install, inspect, service, and maintain various types of fire detection equipment such as smoke detectors. From multi-family residential fire code requirements to all-encompassing fire protection systems for commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes, we have the expertise and knowledge that your organization should expect from our professionals.

Safety First!

Personal safety, as it should, often takes precedence over all other elements of building service and maintenance. That’s why we place special importance on making sure that everything we do will keep your tenants, staff, clients, and visitors safe from possible fires. The installation and maintenance of your fire alarms, heat detectors, and smoke detectors are not only the first step but one of the most important processes towards complete peace of mind, for both you and your staff.

Find out more about all of our fire protection services by calling our expert consultation team now. We’re eager to show you why we’ve become the preferred fire protection services company in Texas. Contact us today for the best fire alarms, heat detectors, smoke detectors, and fire protection services in Houston.

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