At MLN Fire Protection, we are proud of the fact that we have yet to meet a fire sprinkler system that we have not been able to install, operate, inspect, maintain, or repair. Our team is one of the most experienced, qualified, and respected teams of fire system experts in the state of Texas. We are also consistently improving upon our skills to remain so.

We provide comprehensive fire sprinkler services for all types and brands of industrial, commercial, multi-family residential, medical, retail, and educational facilities.

With a focus that is always keenly aimed at providing unbeatable customer care, we provide comprehensive services for all types and brands of industrial, commercial, and residential-grade sprinkler systems. We take the time to understand the design and layout of any system, which allows us to quickly get your fire sprinkler system up and running. Each client can rest easy with the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that their employees and assets are completely protected from fire hazards.

We proudly provide an all-encompassing installation and maintenance service of a variety of fire sprinkler systems, including:image of fire sprinkler head on the ceiling

  • Wet-pipe sprinkler systems — These fire sprinklers constantly have water in them, ready for quick action as needed. This is the most common type of fire sprinkler system in use in Texas today.
  • Dry-pipe sprinkler systems — With a minute delay built in, dry pipe sprinklers use pressurized air to fill the pipes before the water is discharged. This system is ideal in buildings where low temperatures are common, reducing the risk of frozen sprinkler pipes.
  • Pre-action systems — Much like dry-pipe sprinklers, pre-action sprinkler systems are filled with air, only letting water pass through when a smoke or fire alarm is engaged. These systems are good for use in places where books or sensitive electronic equipment can suffer damage from water-drenching systems, helping to avoid costly repairs or replacements if no actual fire is detected.
  • Deluge systems — Used more often in industrial buildings and parks, deluge systems allow users to open nozzles on water tanks to deluge an area with water. This system is ideal should a fire start in an area where flammable liquids are present.

Discover all about fire sprinkler systems and learn more about what system is best for your business type by calling for a full consultation. Our fire protection specialists will help guide you towards the best sprinkler system for your needs.