There are plenty of flammable objects in your office that you might not be aware of. In our last blog, we discussed the many different flammable objects in your office. To ensure the safety of your workers, it is important to ensure that all flammable items are handled with care. Of course, accidents do happen, but at MLN Fire Protection, our job is to ensure that your employees and your business as a whole are safe. In our previous blog, we have discussed flammable objects and we will continue with our list.

Below is a continued list of some of the most flammable items in your office.

Cotton and Linen Materials

When you think about it, cotton and linen materials are all over your office. From the carpet to worker clothing, many items are made of either material. When it comes to fire, accidents can always happen, even when precautions are set in place. But, obviously, cotton is the most popular material, which makes it very common. In term of protecting your staff, the best you can do is to warn them to not drag their sleeve over stoves or light matches in the office.

When it comes to carpet, however, those incidences cannot always be helped. If there is an old outlet too close the carpet, a fire can start. It is important if you have a flammable carpet that you install good smoke detectors as well as fire sprinklers. If a fire were to occur during work hours, or even during off-hours, you will want a system to alert your staff of a problem. By law, all states mandate that businesses need to have smoke detectors installed in commercial buildings. Because of this legal requirement, most businesses have installed protection against fires. This added safety precaution can be exceedingly helpful for businesses, especially in the care of an accidental office fire.

Damaged Power Cords

Power cords are very common in an office setting. Because of their popularity in offices, they also pose a threat and can have potentially cause office fires. The best way to ensure that office fires don’t occur is by replacing old power cords. Unfortunately, wear is natural when it comes to power cords. However, there are ways to avoid power cords degrading before their time. For instance, there are three things you can do to prolong your office power cord’s life.

Prevent sharp angles.

Buy longer cables.

Try to not overcrowd an outlet.

Prevent sharp angles when it comes to plugging in cords. When sharp angles happen, the cord itself is stressed and can break. This breakage can expose the wiring of the interior cord and cause an electrical fire. To keep this from happening it is best to purchase longer cords. When you buy longer cords, you won’t be at risk of stressing the cords you use in your office. Longer cords also mean that you can power items such as computers and other devices from long distances.

Though longer cords are advantageous, you should also try to wrap up your cords

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts must be disposed of outside commercial buildings. In many buildings, by law, all smoking must be done in a designated area, marked with a “smoking area” sign. Smoking can be restricted in commercial and residential buildings, but not prohibited. By law, every building must at least offer a place for residents or other individuals to smoke.

If there are any butts thrown in a trash car inside the building or in a dry bush, they can ignite and cause a fire. Because cigarettes are burning tobacco, other materials are no different. For instance, a cigarette can burn anything near it, if it is still lit. Because of this, if you smoke, it is important that you fully stamp out your cigarette and place it in a nearby ashtray. Many trash cans will have a built-in ashtray on their lids, specifically so that smokers don’t throw lit cigarettes into the trash.

Indoor cigarette fires are no longer a serious concern, as most buildings prohibit indoor smoking. Today, the only real concern when it comes to work-related fires are outdoor fires. If you smoke, it is important to stamp out your cigarette with your foot on the concrete. Don’t burn your cigarette against the building or on a tree to put it out. Stamping out your cigarette is far more effective and can suffocate the flames inside the cigarette butt. Refrain from tossing your cigarette into the bushes or the grass, as dry vegetation can be like kindling for a fire.


Mothballs are small balls of pesticide and deodorant that are meant to keep away moths and other insects. Typically, this sort of pesticide is used for when you want to store clothing. Placing a few mothballs with your clothing will ensure that your clothes are well protected from insects that would like to feast on your items. Moths, in particular, love clothing to nibble on. Though mothballs are effective, they are made with toxic chemicals that are very flammable.

Mothballs are typically very hard to find and can instantly burst into flames. Today, mothballs are not as popular as a pesticide solution because they are highly chemical based. Studies have concluded that mothballs can not only give off harmful chemical fumes for moths, but humans as well. Because they are so highly flammable and rich in chemicals, many businesses don’t use mothballs anymore. If your business is still using mothballs as a source of insect pesticide, it may be a good plan to look for other options.

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