4 Reasons to Inspect Your Fire Safety Systems Today

Count on the 30 years of commercial fire protection experience of MLN Fire Protection

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4 Reasons to Inspect Your Fire Safety Systems Today

Count on the 30 years of commercial fire protection experience of MLN Fire Protection

Every year, there are thousands of fires that result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of property damage. If you’re not inspecting your fire safety system annually, your not only putting your property in jeopardy but also your workers. MLN Fire Protection, the Houston area’s first choice for commercial fire protection, has four critical reasons to have your first safety system inspected today.

Fire sprinkler on the ceiling.

Ensure Proper System Function

Arguably, the most important reason to inspect your fire safety each year is to ensure proper system function. If a component of your system isn’t working correctly, you want it identified before a fire occurs. Nothing is worse than waiting until the last minute to find out your sprinkler system is non-functional. An inspection from MLN Fire Protection includes a system check of your fire alarms, sprinklers, and suppression systems, ensuring all aspects of your fire safety system are ready and operational.

Fire alarm alert button in a building.

Adhere to Compliance Guidelines

Safety codes are in place for a reason, and when they are ignored or dismissed, the fines can be very detrimental to your business. A lack of documented inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) for existing fire and life safety systems is a frequent barrier for companies attempting to remain compliant. MLN Fire Protection works with your business to avoid non-compliance, which could lead to penalties, fines, or even arrest and prosecution.

Fire alarm safety system in a commercial space.

Identify Opportunities for Upgrades

An inspection by a professional fire safety service, like MLN Fire Protection, can help protect your assets by identifying opportunities to upgrade your existing equipment and processes. MLN Fire Protection offers its clients the most updated equipment and methods when needed and provides professional advice on adequately upgrading any system component.

Person inspecting fire extinguishers.

Avoid Potential Fines

Ignoring fire codes puts the life of your employees and customers at risk. By investing in the services of MLN Fire Protection, you ensure your business stays up to code, which leads to more money back in your pocket. From saving on the costs of damaged equipment to preventing hefty nuisance fees for false alarms, MLN Fire Protection is here to help protect your business and the things within it.

Fire can move quickly, taking everything in its path if it isn’t identified early and dealt with efficiently. MLN Fire Protection has provided top-rated fire inspections and commercial fire protection services to Houston area businesses for nearly a decade. Our advanced diagnostic and preventative technology, along with our experience and dedication, are here to protect your business today.

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