5 Signs Your Fire Sprinklers Need an Upgrade

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5 Signs Your Fire Sprinklers Need an Upgrade

If you own a commercial or industrial business, you know how important it is to have a reliable fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler system can mean the difference between a small fire that is easily contained and extinguished and a large-scale disaster.

But even the best fire sprinkler systems need to be regularly inspected and maintained in order to function properly. Read through some signs that it might be time for an upgrade and work with MLN Fire Protection in Houston today!

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Undergone Renovations

Renovations can sometimes damage existing piping and cause other problems that could impact the performance of the fire sprinkler system. On top of that, you've just invested in a renovation or expansion for your business, so make sure that your old system is sufficient for the new layout of your building.

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Frequent or Multiple False Alarms

If your fire sprinkler system is going off all the time — even when there's no fire — then something is definitely wrong. This is usually a sign of a faulty sensor or something else that needs to be fixed. It could also be a sign that the system is too sensitive and needs to be adjusted, both to save your resources and be sure that your building sprinkler system will work in case of an emergency.

Older Than 20 Years .jpg

Older Than 20 Years

Have you had your existing building sprinkler system for more than 20 years? Like any other type of equipment, fire sprinklers have a lifespan. From the changing technology to the fact that fire sprinklers are now required in commercial buildings that didn't have them 20 years ago, there are many reasons to upgrade an older system.

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Sprinkler System Not Up to Code

Building and fire codes are always changing, so it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest requirements. If your commercial or industrial building has a fire sprinkler system that is not up to code, then you could be fined or even forced to shut down operations until the problem is fixed. In some cases, upgrading an old system is the best way to ensure that it meets current codes and standards.


You've Had a Fire

Even if the fire was small and easily contained, it's still a good idea to upgrade your fire sprinklers. A small fire can be a sign of a bigger problem, and you want to be sure that your sprinkler system is up to the task of putting out a larger fire.

Get Fire Protections Inspections in Houston

Fire extinguisher inspections are vital in Houston because they help ensure that everything in your commercial business is working properly and up to code. Work with the team at MLN Fire Protection in Houston to get started with routine fire extinguisher inspection — contact us today!