What Does MLN Fire Protection Do?

What Does MLN Fire Protection Do?

MLN Fire Protection offers emergency fire protection services, prevention services, and detection system installation across Houston and the surrounding 100-mile radius. Our company has been providing a number of commercial building services for over a decade and our skilled fire protection professionals are the best you’ll find in Texas. Keep reading to learn more about the services we provide and contact us to work with our team today.

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Fire Safety Inspections

At MLN Fire Protection, we want to help protect your business and assets from the dangers of an unpredictable fire. We provide regular fire inspections on everything from commercial kitchen hoods to backflow systems, so you know your fire safety protection systems are up to date and functioning correctly. This will help make sure your business is safe in the event of a fire and keep your business in compliance with the law. We offer inspections for fire pumps and tanks, sprinklers, and life safety inspections. Contact us in Houston today for an estimate.

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Installations & Repairs

Our fire protection team is one of the most experienced, qualified, and respected teams of experts in the state of Texas. We offer installation and repair services for an array of fire protection systems, including:

Whether you’re looking to install a new fire protection system, need regular maintenance on your sprinklers, or an alarm system needs repair, you can count on the team at MLN Company in Houston.

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Emergency Services

The Fire Protection division at MLN Company offers design, installation, service, repair, and inspection of fire suppression systems in emergency situations 24 hours a day for commercial buildings in the Houston area. Whether you have a malfunctioning system in your building or need to update your compliance for inspection, we are available any time, day or night. Contact us today to talk with a professional about your emergency fire protection needs.

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Experience & Expertise

Every fire protection service we provide is backed by an expert team with over 30 years of combined experience. We take pride in safeguarding the community of commercial building staff members and occupants in the Houston area. It is our privilege to offer expert inspections, installations, repair, and maintenance services that keep individuals safe and give business owners peace of mind.

Ensure the security and stability of your fire detection system with regular testing and maintenance from our team of experts at MLN Fire Protection in Houston. Contact us to learn more about fire protection systems that are adapted to form, function, and provide flawless performance, and get an estimate for your service needs today.

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