Water tank inspections are an essential part of ensuring safety and fire protection for any commercial property in the event of a fire. MLN Fire Protection Company offers a wide range of solutions for water tanks, water-storage towers, and comprehensive fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. All of our contractors are highly trained and knowledgeable in Houston’s regulations and performance requirements for businesses and commercial properties.

Whether you need a new water tank unit installed, an existing fire protection tank needs annual maintenance, or even if your water storage system requires emergency repairs, we’re the team to call. MLN Fire Protection provides the greater Houston area with comprehensive inspections, maintenance, and installation services for water tanks and fire protection systems. when you work with MLN Fire Protection Company in Houston, you’ll have the utmost confidence that your business will remain safe and protected from fire hazards. We ensure that your water storage tanks are up to code and performing as they should. If they’re not operating in a way that keeps you, your employees, your clients, and your business safe, then we’re prepared to determine which installation or repair will mitigate the issue. Schedule a consultation with MLN Fire Protection to meet with our team of professional fire safety inspectors. Book your appointment online today, and you’ll receive a special discount exclusive to first-time visitors!

Equipped with drone-operated camera and lights, MLN Fire Protection Company will perform the following services during a comprehensive fire water storage tank inspection: 

  • Corrosion, rusting, and weakened structural integrity
  • Spalling, erosion, and fragmentation 
  • Rot, decay, and disrepair
  • Other forms of deterioration, such as compromised pitting or pre-existing foundations
  • Waste materials and hazardous materials 
  • Aquatic growth, mold spores, and mildew
  • Localized or systematic failure of interior coating due to any of the above and/or an undiagnosed issue