The MLN team is proud to offer innovative, modern solutions when conducting inspections of fire safety systems. That’s why we use underwater drone technology to test and assess the current state of fire tanks and water storage units in virtually every building inspection we perform in Houston. 

Why work with a drone? Its capability for underwater testing maximizes efficiency, minimizes disruptive draining procedures, and ultimately reduces hassle for commercial property owners like you. Rather than conducting a time and labor-intensive physical examination of the interior of the tank, MLN uses submersible drones to quickly and effectively produce photographs and visually document important reference points. 

Most importantly, drone inspection circumvents the need to disarm your fire protection systems, keeping it active and attentive. With MLN Fire Protection Co. on your team, you’ll never be left high and dry in the event of an emergency. 

Fire Pumps

Firefighting pumps provide water to fire protection sprinkler systems at an energy-efficient rate and at increased pressure, making them a fundamental component of every commercial-grade service optimized for fire prevention. By fully assessing your building plans or even your preliminary blueprints, we can determine precisely which type of pump is needed for your business and the level of fire-damage risk that you may have.

A building’s fire pump is powered by either electricity or diesel fuel, and it moves water from the main source to the fire sprinkler system. It will either be connected to the public underground water supply or to a building’s individual fire water storage tank. When air pressure drops within the sprinkler lines, the fire pump releases a highly-pressurized flow of water to the fire protection system.

Fire Water Storage Tanks

Fire water storage tanks, as the name suggests, are specially designed for use as part of a fire suppression system. Having adequate amounts of water on hand is crucial for the ability to quickly and completely extinguish a fire before it has the chance to spread, potentially causing structural or personal harm. At MLN Company, we utilize the latest technology to provide comprehensive, efficient, and reliable inspections. We conduct underwater storage tank inspections that provide a clear image of the condition of the tank. This saves time and water and offers your building added protection when the tank would otherwise need to be drained.

Should a building’s increased use of water overburden the publicly distributed supply, this type of water storage tank can serve as a reliable and code-compliant fire prevention tool. Furthermore, should drought or other kinds of water shortage tax the system, the individual fire water storage tanks of a business can be used to provide the needed water source for an owner’s fire protection needs.

Feel confident in the operation of your fire protection system by installing a commercial fire water storage tank that supports your specific needs. Call your MLN Fire Protection Consultant and schedule a consultation for a fire suppression plan today. From underground water storage tanks to overhead ceiling sprinklers, we’re here to help!

Keep Your Water Storage Tank Compliant

In order to ensure that your fire sprinkler system acts as it should during those critical times when you need it most, it is imperative that your fire storage tanks be monitored for regular maintenance and accordance with industry codes. 

MLN Fire Protection Company in Houston offers regular inspections and risk assessment consultations of fire water storage tanks to determine what steps you need to take in order to be fully prepared for an emergency.

It’s easier than ever to stay compliant with the Houston fire system codes. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call MLN Fire at (713) 357-6798. Request an inspection of the interior of your fire protection tank, and we’ll be happy to perform this service, as well as any other inspection, maintenance, or installation service that you need for your commercial building.

Industry Requirements For Underground Water Storage Tanks

Your water tank is an integral part of your fire protection service. If something on the inside of your tank fails and you don’t know it, you could be without the water that you need in the right moment to extinguish a fire, and therefore unable to minimize the damage to your facility.

For this reason, every commercial building is required by the NFPA 25 code to have an inspection of the internal condition of your fire tank every five years, or every two years if you have a steel tank without corrosion protection on the interior.

Expect the Best Fire Protection Services In Houston From MLN Fire Protection Company

After your internal fire tank inspection from MLN Fire Protection Co., you’ll get a detailed report of any issues or warning signs we’ve found in your commercial property. Our assessment write-up is comprehensive and thorough, with specific information on qualitative indicators and visual references, such as photographs of the interior of your tank.

Among other findings, you’ll be able to see the level of sediment buildup in your tank, the current state of its epoxy coating, and ultimately, whether your tank needs any maintenance or repair work done.

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