Fire Pumps

Fire fighting pumps provide water to fire sprinkler systems at an increased pressure, making them a fundamental component of every commercial-grade fire protection service. By fully assessing your building plans, we can determine just which type of pump is needed for your type of business and the level of fire risk that you have.

A building’s fire pump is powered by either electricity or diesel fuel, and it moves water from the main source to the fire sprinkler system. It will either be connected to the public underground water supply or to the building’s fire water storage tank. When air pressure drops within the sprinkler lines, the fire pump releases a highly-pressurized flow of water to the fire protection system.

Water Storage

Water storage tanks as fire protection services are specially designed for use as part of fire suppression systems. Having the right amount of water on hand is crucial for the ability to quickly extinguish a fire before it has the chance to grow. At MLN Company, we utilize the latest technology to provide quick, efficient, and reliable inspections. We conduct underwater storage tank inspections that provide a clear image of the condition of the tank. This saves time and water and offers your building added protection when otherwise the tank would need to be drained.

Interestingly, should a building’s increased use of water stretch the public domestic water supply, this type of water storage tank can serve as a reliable water supply based on national codes. Furthermore, should drought or other water shortage tax the system, individual business’ fire water storage tanks can be used to provide the needed water source for an owner’s fire protection needs.

In order to ensure that your fire sprinkler system acts as it should at the moment you need it, it is imperative that your fire storage tanks work in the exact way they are meant to. MLN Fire Protection Company in Houston offers regular inspections and risk assessment consultations to determine what steps you need to take in order to be fully prepared for an emergency.

Feel confident in the operation of your complete fire protection service by installing a fire water storage tank that supports your specific needs.

Call your MLN Fire Protection Consultant and schedule a fire suppression plan today. We’re here to help!

Your water tank is an integral part of your fire protection service. If something on the inside of your tank fails and you don’t know it, you could be without the water that you need in the right moment to extinguish a fire and minimize the damage to your facility.

For this reason, every commercial building is required by the NFPA 25 code to have an inspection of the internal condition of your fire tank every five years, or every two years if you have a steel tank without corrosion protection on the interior.

Expect the Best From MLN Fire Protection Company

After your internal fire tank inspection, you’ll get a detailed report complete with photographs of the interior of your tank. You’ll see how much sediment is building up in your tank, how the epoxy coating is holding up, and whether your tank needs any repairs or maintenance tasks.

This capability for underwater testing benefits you because it is much less disruptive than needing to drain your tank and conduct a physical examination of the interior of the tank. Also, it avoids a scenario that leaves your fire protection service disarmed for the period of time when there is no water in the tank.

Keep Your Water Storage Tank Compliant

It’s easier than ever to stay compliant with the Houston fire protection code. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call MLN Fire at (713) 357-6798. Request an inspection of the interior of your tank, and we’ll be happy to perform this service as well as any other inspection, maintenance, or installation service that you need for your fire protection system.

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